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Our business planning services include:

  • Executive Summaries: The first thing most investors want to see is a compelling one or two page executive summary. The goal of an executive summary is to persuade investors to request a full business plan or pitch deck. However, creating a compelling executive summary can be at least as challenging as developing a complete business plan. This is your one chance to make a great first impression, and we can help you get it right.
  • Business Plans Business Plan Development: We can tailor our business plan preparation services to suit your situation and your budget:
  • Pitch Decks: These days, many equity investors prefer to see a stand-alone pitch deck rather than a full narrative business plan. A great pitch deck is clean, crisp, and tells just the right story, without going into excessive detail. And yet, it still needs to be backed up by a full complement of research, analysis, and strategy.
  • Business Plan Review: If you have already written your plan, we can provide an objective third party critique before you send it to investors.
  • Business Plan Seminar: If you want your in-house team to understand the dos and don'ts of business plan writing, budgeting, or any other startup-related topic, we offer seminars that can be delivered in your offices.
  • Presentation Design: Clean, clear presentations are crucial, whether you are seeking capital, partners, customers, or employees. We'll help you design a crisp presentation and coach you on how to deliver it in an engaging way.
  • Entrepreneur Coaching & Tactical Guidance: How should you organize your company? Where should you incorporate? What should your capital structure be? When do you need to consult attorneys and accountants, and which ones? Can you patent your ideas? The list of questions facing startups and emerging growth ventures can be overwhelming; our seasoned entrepreneurs will help you sort it all out.

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2010-08-01 08:49:38 by ConciergeServices

Concierge Services for Professional/Business

This is a high level Concierge Service for Professional Organizations or Business Executives seeking services such as gift selection, travel arrangements, office organizing, scheduling, business consulting, staff training, reservations, small event planning for business or personal and other related services.

2007-02-25 00:08:05 by Rasoberry

Looking to Sell my Consulting Business

I've had a single-person consulting Business in Minnesota...
I have been steadily increasing the income over the last 5 years...
2002 & 2003 were years where I took on a large in-house development project which ended up getting shelved... cost me 12-18hr+ 5-7 days a week...
2002 - $21k
2003 - $30k
2004 - $46k
2005 - $67k
2006 - $75k
And this year looks even better...
I work an average of 2-4 hours on billable projects any given day and 4-8 hours on non-billable, marketing, lead-generation, and what-not.
Anyway, I'm planning on moving next year to another state and would be interested in selling my business / clients